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"Who Does That?" NY One & Only Campaign Workgroup Member Presents to Endoscopy Nurses

Cathy Smith, RN Presents to Endoscopy Nurses

NY One & Only Campaign workgroup member Cathy Smith, RN, Director of Nursing at St. Peter's Endoscopy Center in Albany, NY and Board member of the NY State Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers presented on "Updates in Gastroenterology: A Nurse's Course" ( including an introduction to the NY One & Only Campaign) to endoscopy nurses at Century House in Latham, NY.  Comments overheard when Cathy mentioned reuse of syringes or needles and mis-use of single dose/multi-dose vials included:  "Who does that?". Cathy urged the group to be vigilant not only about their own practices but the injection practices of others and to speak up if they see incorrect procedures happening.  She underscored that the health of patients is paramount and that spreading of viral or bacterial infection is preventable, if safe injection practices are followed.

New York's Efforts With One & Only Campaign Highlighted in "Hospital Peer Review"

NY One & Only Campaign Featured in "Hospital Peer Review"

The One & Only Campaign was in the spotlight of a hospital-focused publication called "Hospital Peer Review" recently.  The article drew hospital administrators' and providers' attention to concerns that unsafe injection practices might be more prevalent--even in their own facility--than they think.  To read the article, click here.

Ebola Resources

Ebola Resources

Did you know that reused needles and syringes helped to spread the orignal Ebola outbreak in Africa in 1976? Historical perspective shows us that nearly 40 years later, following basic infection control/injection safety procedures are still crucial to patient and provider safety.  If you would like to read the World Health Organization report on the 1976 outbreak, click here. If you would like additional resources from 2014, check the NYSDOH "Get The Facts About Ebola" page here and CDC Resources on Ebola here.

Medication injection safety knowledge and practices among anesthesiologists: New York State, 2011

An eye-opening 2011 survey of New York State anesthesiologists' practices when it comes to injection safety has been recently published, with several members of the New York One & Only Campaign among its authors.  This is "must" reading for anyone concerned about unsafe injection practices in healthcare. Click here to read the article published in the Journal of Clinical Anesthesia.

Preventing Infection From the Misuse of Vials: Joint Commission Webinar

Preventing Infection From the Misuse of Vials

The Joint Commission has issued a Sentinel Event webinar on "Preventing Infection From the Misuse of Vials". This is "must" listening for any clinician who prepares, administers or oversees others who prepare or administer injections.  Presenters include experts from CDC, Institute for Safe Medication Practices and the American Society of Anesthesiology. Please share this link/presentation with your colleagues.

State Injection Safety Resources

Patient Questions 101 (How to Ask a Provider About Injection Safety)

Face it: haven't there been times when you visited the doctor and were in a hurry to get going, only to regret that you didn't ask a crucial question about your health and well-being? The New York One & Only Campaign knows it's tough and sometimes intimidating to ask questions, especially about safe injections. So, we came up with a step-by-step "how to" guide. It even has respectful responses if you don't get the answer you're looking for at first. Click here to find out how to do it!

Diabetes Care Advisory

This advisory has been issued for New York State's Long-term care and Assisted Living facilities.